About Me

I started taking photos at the age of 15.
I studied stills photography in high school and got my first camera from my uncle who gave me his old one, a Nikon Nikkormat.

Because I learned to work with film and develop and print my own photos (digital photography was just getting started back then), after high school I mostly took pictures in trips and not so much every day because I no longer had a darkroom like back in school where I could work on my own photos.

For years I shied away from digital photography until I finally had no choice. In 2010 I started studying graphic design and I had to get a digital camera for a basic photography class. Much to my surprise, and even though I only bought a compact camera, I really enjoyed digital photography. The course turned out to be a very necessary refresher course and the compactness of the camera meant I suddenly could have a camera with me all the time, everywhere and I could shoot endlessly with it.

From there, I gradually began to take more and more pictures. I would send myself on assignments, invent exercises, limit myself to various elements and there were times when I felt the camera was the only thing keeping me going. Of course at some point I moved on to new cameras and left the compact aside.

Today I take photos mostly while travelling whether abroad or close to home, and many times go on trips just to have fresh photos. I got into shooting people later and I love to shoot mainly in motion - dance, circus, theater or anything on stage and fashion photography.

I always prefer to work with natural light, to learn how I can take the best photos under the conditions I am in rather than change them with lighting or direction.